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Hi Everyone,

I recently created a Facebook Personal Page so that everyone could obtain reliable and accurate information – and so that you can know what’s going on.

My Facebook Personal Page at:
is now full to capacity – and cannot let new people join – so I have created a new Milka Duno Facebook Fan Page that has an unlimited capacity.

If you have had trouble joining my Facebook Personal Page – please accept my apologies for the confusion and inconvenience – and I’m hoping that you will now go to my new larger Facebook Fan page and join!

The new Milka Duno Facebook Fan Page is available to you at:

As always, many kind thanks for your interest and support – and for your best wishes for my 2010 IndyCar Series season!

I can’t wait to have you as my Facebook friend!

You can also reach me through my official website at:
And through my webpage contacts at:
And by mail at: Milka Duno, PO Box 347676, Coral Gables, FL 33234 USA

Thanks again for all your support!

Best regards,

Milka Duno




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