Dear Friends,

Recently someone created a fake Twitter account using my name and car number – this was not me!

The person that created the account was impersonating me and posted tweets as if they were from me and saying things that I would never say – and didn’t say.

Unfortunately, there are people with too much free time that disrespectfully create fake accounts using other people’s names.

This fake account has been suspended by Twitter and we are working with them to have it permanently deleted.

I have never had a Twitter account and have no plans to have a Twitter account in the future. If you see an account that appears to relate to me – understand please that it is not me.

In the future, should I create an official Milka Duno Twitter account – I will post a notice on my website and send a release to my fans and friends.

Many thanks as always for your kindness and support – and let’s all hope for a great 2010 Full IndyCar Season schedule with Dale Coyne Racing!

You can connect with me in many ways through my website at,  and from the contact page on the website at  or through my official Facebook account at or my mailing me at Milka Duno, PO Box 347676, Coral Gables, FL 33234, USA!

Thanks again for all your support!

Milka Duno




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