Milka Duno to Appear on Pimpeando - Mega Hit on MTV Tr3s ́;                                     Debut for “Cars & Girls” Scheduled November 10

MIAMI (October 28, 2008) – MTV Tr3s ́ is taking the popular “Pimp My Ride” to a whole new level with Pimpeando and asked Milka Duno to join the ride on “Cars & Girls.”  The candid, bilingual interview with Milka will reveal her professional life in the fast lane with IndyCar and her love of racing.  Milka’s debut on Season 3 is scheduled Monday, November 10, at 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST.  For local listings, visit and type in a zip code to find a specific channel.

While “Pimp My Ride” takes aim on the biggest clunkers on the road and customizes them to unheard of auto masterpieces, Pimpeando has captured the real Latino car culture in the U.S. from low-riding to off-roading and race car driving.  “Cars & Girls” will look at the evolution of cars and women and feature Milka’s profile, along with four other women including a professional model, amateur drag racer, and photographer. 

“I was excited for this opportunity with MTV Tr3s ́ and to be involved with a show that has such a huge fan following,” said Duno.  “I’ve loved cars since I was a teenager and am very fortunate to be considered a role model for Latinas in the car culture.”

The interview with Milka was conducted on location at Chicagoland Speedway, where Milka finished her last race of the 2008 season with IndyCar Series.  Dressed in her official race suit, Milka was photographed with her #23 CITGO Racing Dallara Honda and asked a series of personal and professional questions in English and Spanish. 

Duno is the only female Hispanic to be racing in the IndyCar Series and was the only female driver to finish at the 2008 Indianapolis 500.  Off the track, Duno is a certified Naval Engineer who holds four master’s degrees, the last three simultaneously.  Duno is also working through the Milka Way program to inspire Hispanic youth to “Aim for the Stars” and achieve academic excellence and appeared in the May 2008 Warner Bros. movie, “Speed Racer.”  She also launched a bilingual children’s book, “Go, Milka, Go!” in April 2008.  For more information, visit


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