CITGO/SAMAX - Rolex 24 12h

The No. 7 CITGO/SAMAX Pontiac-powered Riley Mk XI charged ahead in the second quarter of the Rolex 24 At Daytona, as Dario Franchitti moved to second place at 7h14. He handed off to Milka Duno a few minutes later, but her stint was cut short by a broken drive shaft. After a 50-minute stop to replace it, Marino Franchitti drove a double stint, followed by Kevin McGarrity. Dario Franchitti took the wheel again just before the halfway point of the race. He was 11 th in the Daytona Prototype class at half-distance.

Milka Duno: "I was in the car and we were fourth overall when the drive shaft broke. We lost a lot of laps but the guys did a great job fixing the car and getting us back at as soon as possible. I know that we'll all keep doing our best to score a good finish."

DP race  position
start        6h          12h
15             6            11

race report
time             driver               action
6h 19           D Franchitti         pit - fuel
7h14                                     2 nd
7h17            Duno in              pit - driver change, tires, fuel
7h55                                     garage - broken right rear drive shaft
8h45            M Franchitti in     pit - driver change; back on track
9h43                                    pit - tires, fuel
10h50          McGarrity in        pit - driver change, tires, fuel
11h45          D Franchitti in     pit - driver change, tires, fuel





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