Milka is Fresh from Good Result at Valencia

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA - October 30, 2003 - International racer Milka Duno's next race in the 2003 World Series by Nissan is this weekend, November 2, 2003 at Spain's Circuit de Albacete. This will be the penultimate round of the 2003 championship season.

Milka just experienced her second best combined finish of the season at the championship's last event at the Circuit de Valencia.

"I was very happy with our results at Valencia ," said Milka. "Unfortunately, I started the season with absolutely no testing during the months between the 2002 and 2003 season and only got in the car for the first time this year at Monza . This placed me at a disadvantage compared to the other teams and drivers, as they had tested many times, at many of the circuits, during the off season. Add to this some of the mechanical and electrical difficulties that we have experienced for most of the season, it wasn't until Valencia that we finally felt that everything was finally sorted out. With the good result at Valencia , I am anxious for this race at Albacete ."

The Circuit de Albacete is known to be a tricky track with wide turns and medium grip. The track is just over 3500 meters with 13 turns and 3 straights.

"I like the challenge that Albacete offers and look forward to the races," added Milka. "Now that I feel that we have many things sorted out we are hoping, and will be trying very hard for, a good result."

Milka is honored to have the support of one of Spain 's leading companies - MRW - and will proudly carry their logo and colors on her uniform and race car. MRW, based in Spain , and also doing business in Venezuela , was founded in 1977 and is Spain 's leader in the urgent transport sector. MRW employs over 7,500 people in 675 franchises.

This year marks the 3 rd season for Milka in the World Series Light Division, and she is the only woman competing in the series this year. Last year Team Vergani gave her the opportunity to be the first woman in history to pilot the fastest car in the World Series - the V6. Milka also regularly competes in the world's premier sportscar series - the American Le Mans Series - where she was the first woman in history to pilot the world's fastest sportscar - the Le Mans Prototype 900. Milka is a regular competitor as well in the most famous sportscar race in the world - the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France .

Milka , Venezuela 's 2000 "Driver of the Year", has also secured the support of Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) CANTV and IND. PDVSA is Venezuela 's state-owned oil company and has proven reserves of 77.9 billion barrels of oil - the most outside the Middle East - and is one of the top exporters of oil to the United States . PDVSA's exploration and production take place in Venezuela , but the company also has refining and marketing operations in the Caribbean , Europe and the U.S. CANTV is Venezuela's largest private company and since 1991 it has experienced a constant transformation into a very competitive company with very high quality levels in the supply of its products and services - voice transmission, data, Internet, cellular telephony and information directories. IND is Venezuela 's Instituto Nacional de Deportes - the national office dealing with the support of Venezuelan Athletes.

Additional information on MRW is available at . You can visit CANTV at and PDV at . The website for the World Series by Nissan is available at and Vergani Racing is located at .




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